What chatgpt thinks about us

Julias “Folding”

Julia had to move from one place to another – but where to leave the bicycle ..?? I picked it up and […]

Thomas “Puch Clubman”

When love comes later … Thomas got this bicycle many years ago and he was at that time more than a little […]

Service Tow away

We offer private parking providers and property managers a service to keep their bicycles parking places clean and increase the availability. Our […]

Felix Big Ben(g)

Felix is a friend and neighbor of mine. His wife, her daughter  and Felix arrived one day to make a if-ready-to-run review. […]

5 top excuses not to ride a bicycle

Chinese New Year is the beginning of spring. Although in many countries throughout Europe the weather looks like mid-of-spring – spring as […]

Happy 2016!

  2015 is about to close and this is most probably the best time to look back in time: I had a […]

Dagmars “Rosinante”

It all began with a call: “My real bike is on the way back from somewhere and i would like to have […]

Thomas’ Gartner Select

A love story … I spoke about this project a while back and finally this year I completed this project. Thomas bought […]

Martin and his Kona

It all started with the question: “What do you think?” Martin visited me and asked whether its worth investing into his old […]

Fascination Bicycles

Dieser Artikel gefällt so gut, dass wir ihn direkt publizieren: Als im Mai diesen Jahres im Wiener Dorotheum einige Exponate der bekannten […]

Karins Gartner Tange

Karin and I met for a bicycle for her son. She asked me to have a look on her “old” bicycle and […]

Press Update

Chacka!! My instructions for bicycle servicing in the Insurance magazine of AUVA. See here   Alle!Achtung!