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Coboc – Smarte Pedelecs

Wir freuen uns auf die Kooperation mit COBOC. COBOC – ein von  Physikstudenten gegründetes Unternehmen in Deutschland – besticht durch seine Produkte: Fantastisch aussehende Pedelecs mit höchstem Anspruch an Stil, Technik und Komfort. Für Interessenten […]


I have never been a big fan of folding bikes, I believe bicycles should be a convenient ride. When I met Valentin (one of the founders) I got introduced to the concept of the “half […]

Paradox: The better educated, the more …

  … people ride bicycles. This stunning information reached me just before I started writing this post. At the same time most of the people are afraid of using a helmet as a matter of […]

Products we love: Wooden grips

Only wood is good. Well – “only steel Is Real” – but “Only wood is good”. There is nothing comparable to wooden grips. Always right temperature, always good looking. So when I started refurbishing great […]

T-Shirt #1 “Car is over”

Well – if you like to have a statement – you might like this T-Shirt. (Until the shop opens, send me an email!) Enjoy!