On the way…

Manfred rather (f)lies …

… using his recumbent-bike. This bicycle was a nice work with a lot of interesting learning and quite a few interesting parts. As stated on the Cruzbike website – this bicycles are built  for intelligent […]

Felix Big Ben(g)

Felix is a friend and neighbor of mine. His wife, her daughter  and Felix arrived one day to make a if-ready-to-run review. Well, the ladies where done really quickly. A small update of their brakes […]

Dagmars “Rosinante”

It all began with a call: “My real bike is on the way back from somewhere and i would like to have my ‘old’ one a little bit better than it is currently.” Well – […]

Thomas “Puch Clubman”

When love comes later … Thomas got this bicycle many years ago and he was at that time more than a little bit disappointed. Others got great bicycles, great ones! better ones! Hmm!   Many […]

Thomas Racer

A bicycle which never existed … Quite a while before I started this business i had many discussions – about strategy, offerings, services and products. One thing was pretty clear from the beginning – this […]

Martin and his Kona

It all started with the question: “What do you think?” Martin visited me and asked whether its worth investing into his old bike. His Kona was in mint condition beside a few tints and quite […]