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A lot of things began when I met Alex. It has been some time ago when I was attending a workshop building a bamboo bike. An very exciting experience. Alex brings a lot of expertise, […]

5 top excuses not to ride a bicycle

Chinese New Year is the beginning of spring. Although in many countries throughout Europe the weather looks like mid-of-spring – spring as a seasonal and weather change is still away.  Anyhow in any case spring […]

Antonys another

Yes – another Dutch bike for Antony. Well, the first was for his wife and for sure it was nearly the same amount of work. So number two then became “just” Antonys another Dutch bike. […]

Manfred rather (f)lies …

… using his recumbent-bike. This bicycle was a nice work with a lot of interesting learning and quite a few interesting parts. As stated on the Cruzbike website – this bicycles are built  for intelligent […]

Paradox: The better educated, the more …

  … people ride bicycles. This stunning information reached me just before I started writing this post. At the same time most of the people are afraid of using a helmet as a matter of […]