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Manfred rather (f)lies …

… using his recumbent-bike. This bicycle was a nice work with a lot of interesting learning and quite a few interesting parts. As stated on the Cruzbike website – this bicycles are built  for intelligent […]

Paradox: The better educated, the more …

  … people ride bicycles. This stunning information reached me just before I started writing this post. At the same time most of the people are afraid of using a helmet as a matter of […]

Petronilla Hohenwarter

I share a spiritual kinship with Petronilla. We met each other (in my previous life) during an exhibition. And from the first moment it clicked with her.   It was she who – at the […]

Artur Bodenstein

When we speak about friends, we also need to speak about inspiration. Artur got the first customized bicycle ever, not to say it was the beginning of CHHUBER bicycles as a company. The long story: […]

Happy 2016!

  2015 is about to close and this is most probably the best time to look back in time: I had a great year with a lot of fun, challenges and work. With the help […]

Products we love: Wooden grips

Only wood is good. Well – “only steel Is Real” – but “Only wood is good”. There is nothing comparable to wooden grips. Always right temperature, always good looking. So when I started refurbishing great […]