On the way…

Dagmars “Rosinante”

It all began with a call: “My real bike is on the way back from somewhere and i would like to have my ‘old’ one a little bit better than it is currently.” Well – […]

Thomas “Puch Clubman”

When love comes later … Thomas got this bicycle many years ago and he was at that time more than a little bit disappointed. Others got great bicycles, great ones! better ones! Hmm!   Many […]

Thomas’ Gartner Select

A love story … I spoke about this project a while back and finally this year I completed this project. Thomas bought this bicycle with the first earned money back in the early 80ies. He […]

Karins Gartner Tange

Karin and I met for a bicycle for her son. She asked me to have a look on her “old” bicycle and – if its not worthy – she considered buying a new one. Well, […]