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I have never been a big fan of folding bikes, I believe bicycles should be a convenient ride.

When I met Valentin (one of the founders) I got introduced to the concept of the “half folding”, the possibility to make the bicycle much smaller with a small kick. I think this is good.

Their bicycle have a great geometry, making the ride confortable and safe. Steel as base material for the frame and some nice, patented features make it cool.

And the best is: this bicycle looks good.


VELLO Rocky is made to smoothen the jolts of the city jungle. With its 10-speed top-quality trekking bike components, you can escape traffic congestions easily by choosing shortcuts through parks, rocky paths or steep hills.

VELLO Rocky features good tread depth and straight handlebars for reliable touring and everyday use.


Our understanding of a test ride requires you borrowing one of our pedelecs for at least one day and use it for your daily routes. This enables you getting a “sound” experience and an understanding if and how this bicycle fits your life. For this paid test you’ll receive a voucher we will redeem when you buy a COBOC bicycle.

Availabilities, costs and reservation:

For the moment we kindly ask you to get in contact we us via email or you may call us at +436648103360.

Of course our terms and conditions for the testing phase apply.

w: http://www.vello.bike

f: https://www.facebook.com/VELLO.bike