On the way…

Artur Bodenstein

When we speak about friends, we also need to speak about inspiration. Artur got the first customized bicycle ever, not to say it was the beginning of CHHUBER bicycles as a company.

The long story: It was around XMas when we were sitting together speaking about bicycles especially about bespoke and individually designed bikes. I presented at that time my (and most possibly in Austria) first Fat Bike (you may find it here somewhere in the moderns section). Artur told me he tuned his bicycle with stickers from a comic book.

First you need to know – Arturs work is great: www.arturbodenstein.com. Mentioned in several art and design indexes and having already produced a ton of great illustrations for many books, packaging and events.

Well – now knowing this – you may understand, when i say: One could see how the penny dropped and the idea was born.

A few days later we started – and the bicycle is a great one.