On the way…

Petronilla Hohenwarter

I share a spiritual kinship with Petronilla. We met each other (in my previous life) during an exhibition. And from the first moment it clicked with her.   It was she who – at the beginning of my independence – had an open ear and a lot of good tips and advice.

Interestingly, when we communicate – although we do not meet very often – at any time our conversation continues, where finished last time. Fantastic person. Fantastic artist.

Her work reflects her personality (of course!) and her works reflects an attitude which I feel very connected: Happiness, Love, Quo Vadis. Learn more: Petronilla Hohenwarter


And – of course – we also started a project together. What Petronilla creates is incredible – and it is not easy to complete this work.

Anyhow – a sneak preview is allowed:

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