Paradox: The better educated, the more …

… people ride bicycles. This stunning information reached me just before I started writing this post.

At the same time most of the people are afraid of using a helmet as a matter of „looking stupid“. Hmm? Very controversy issue.

Well – in case you are one of those who is well educated, loves to ride his or her bicycle and wants to look good as well – there is some help here:

The Swiss company Ribcap is having a great portfolio of caps and beanies – a lot of nice colors, great function.

Sahn helmets are very exclusive, fantastic looking high tech products, and 2016 coming with a carbon head-cover.

And of course – for more traditional people – there are a couple of great helmets from ONN Urban Style.

So – have a look, go to your next bicycle store and grab a great looking, head- and life-saving helmet. It’s worth.


PS: You may find all this brands and corresponding product pictures just by typing the name into facebook.




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