Workshop “Build your bike”


Only the best for you …

Would you like to have your “own” bike? Your own colors or parts? Your own style.

This is the reason why i created this workshop. During this workshop you may be able to “compose” your own bicycle. Usually we do this works on a 1:1 base. This needs a lot of attention, a very dedicated focus on our bike.

I am a independent re-seller. I am able to offer many – especially very exclusive –  brands and of course all market-leaders and product-champions. And i can reach out to many experts in case you need something special.

And – we can do everything: Randonneurs, Recumbent Bikes, e Bikes, …

Workshop “Build your bike”

Duration: about 20 hours (planing, preparation, assembly)

Prerequisited: You just need to have the real wish to build your own bike.

Minimum: 1 (only!) participants, you may bring other visitors or friends/family as long as we have enough space

Pricing: 290€ / Participant, please expect additional costs. For pre-orders i may ask for a pre-payment (partial).

What happens:

We have two phases for this workshop:

  • Planing session:  (approx. 2-3 hours):
    • Preparation & Planing, Definition of the Project, Scope of the workshop
    • Parts-list and binding offer
  • Pre-orders:
    • Ordering/Pre-Ordering
    • Preparation (Priming, painting, etc.)
  • Assembly:
    • bicycle assembly
    • final adjustments
    • guided test-drives


There are no “Build your bike” workshop dates defined yet; we will jointly agree on a date. I am offering this workshops all over the year.


There is no guarantee or warranty for anything you do or you bring on your own.
I also reserve the right to reject workshops and bicycles without any detailed comments – especially when i think the project is not economically meaningful. This is one reason behind the pre-check/planing during the workshop.

Furthermore you accept all my other terms and conditions.