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Workshop “Know your bike”

You are the only one who knows you best!

Even before I started my business, at the very early beginning – some of my friends liked to stay around and wanted to screw on their own. This was the input for this workshops.

Workshop “Know your bike”

Duration: 1 day (approx from 9:00am – 5:00pm, but don’t arrange anything for later, sometimes it takes time!)

Prerequisites: Your bicycle or one you want to get an inner view (you need to have allowance to work on it!!), Workshop language is either German or English

Participants:  2 participants is optimal, you may bring other visitors or friends/family as long as we have enough space; for bigger groups (means 3 plus participants we need to arrange something extra)

Costs: 190€ per participant, please expect additional costs for repair- and spare-parts (ie. brakes or tyres)

What happens:

  • First of all: I will need to see the bicycles before we start the workshop, in case we need to order any parts
  • Disassemble of your bicycle
    • chain
    • break and gear cables
    • rear and front derailleur
    • lights and cables
    • luggage/carriers and fenders
    • disassemble of gears and
    • tires and wheel parts
    • maintenance of the fork
    • control / service the brake system
    • replace break and gear cables, chain in case (add. costs!)
    • clean all parts manually
  • Break
  • Assemble bicycle
    • replace/renew spare/repair-parts
    • maintain headset, install fork, headset/stem/handlebar
    • (in case) bottom bracket  renew, mount crank and derailleurs
    • mount all attachment parts (fender, carriers, etc.)
    • wheels incl. tires and tubes, control bearings and mount brakes (incl. brakes bleed)
    • mount gears and chain
    • final position setup incl.  saddle,  and grips and pedals
    • mount lights and check wiring and cables
    • jointly finish check-list
  • Optionally:
    • service suspension fork
    • center wheels/control hubs
    • in case replace handlebar ribbon

You will get a lot of insights into the bicycle mechanics and technology, as well as a lot of details of your own bicycle.

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Location currently is the Lab


There is no guarantee or warranty for anything you do on your own. Also – no promises – there is no ensure your bicycle is in better condition after the work than it was before.

I also reserve the right to reject workshops and bicycles without any detailed comments – especially when i think the condition of the bikes is “complete” defective or is not economically meaningful repairable. This is one reason behind the pre-check of the bicycles.

Furthermore you accept all my other terms and conditions.