5 top excuses not to ride a bicycle

Chinese New Year is the beginning of spring. Although in many countries throughout Europe the weather looks like mid-of-spring – spring as a seasonal and weather change is still away.  Anyhow in any case spring in my industry means starting to ride a bicycle – either in a sportive way or to ride bicycle to work or school or….

Bike to work has become known to a wide audience as most of the EU countries have introduced tax benefits when riding a bicycle.

For all of you who DO NOT want to ride a bicycle here my top excuses (and some argumentation) when discussing with bicyclists, friends, family and neighbors:

No#1: It takes me longer to reach …: Yes, this is a killer argument when you are speaking with bikers. Considering 30% of all car rides are not longer than 3km (2miles) and inner town distances of less than 5 km (3,1mi) are much faster when taken by bicycle you need to argue (or explain) your ride is longer and very often during your workday you need to change locations. By the way an top excuse for students and household managers.

No#2: I am not sportive: Be very careful when using this. Modern working and life concepts are based on a healthy work-life-balance including sportive exercises. Many companies offering their employees access to fitness facilities. More than 25% of the female and 30% of the male employees are visiting fitness centers minimum once a month. If you run (or jog?) you should better use any other excuse.

No#3: I do not own a bicycle: Uh – this is an strong argument. Considering a bicycle is very often an very expensive investment and an average TV costs even more make clear where your priorities are.  Btw – Bike-2-work brings tax relief for bicycle investments and operating costs.

No#4: I am not in Germany or Netherlands: OK, that might be true as many people live outside of Germany and the Netherlands. The Copenhagenize Index (http://copenhagenize.eu/index/) annually ranks cities worldwide about their bike-friendliness. Make sure you are not living in any of that mentioned.

No#5: I need to bring the kids to the kindergarten: Well this is by far the most complicated excuse. You need to have 2 or more children at the almost same preschool age. You need to live away minimum 5 miles (8km) from the kindergarten and you should have access to minimum 2 cars. The bicycle industry has been hearing this for many years now and is offering bicycles for small children as well as balance bikes which enable most of the kids to reach a short distance of 2-4 miles very easily. And some of this products look very good and are very light as well (some examples here http://www.islabikes.co.uk/ or http://www.woombikes.com/). And bicycle dealers are now offering cargo-bikes suitable to transport 2 or even more children safely as well. Some of them are even motorized.

Which by the way would also prove wrong the excuse : “I do not want to arrive sweaty“. More about this next time!

Happy New Year (of the monkey!)


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